When it comes to prison, what we tend to always hear about is the horrifying stories of prison rape, stabbings, and high recidivism rates. Then too there is the gangs! Across the nation we have witnessed since the 1960’s a monumental gang culture spring up behind prison walls. States like Illinois, Texas and California have often been cited for giving birth to some of the nation’s most notorious prison gangs. For example, the Black Guerilla Family, the Aryan Brotherhood and many other Latino gangs as well. One can only imagine how anything positive, or a pro-community organization for that much, could spring from such a corrosive history.

Yet there seems to be a growing trend of men and women behind the fences of America’s prisons who are  proving that in the thick of the madness there is a beacon of hope in the often rhetorical title of “rehabilitation.”

Take for example 40-year-old, twice convicted murderer, Ivan Kilgore. Ironically,  he has become a source of inspiration for many on both sides of the fence. After close to a decade of arduous study on the Afrikan diaspora, he recently published 344 pages of literature entitled Domestic Genocide: The Institutionalization of Society. Some 300 sources cited in which Ivan notably obtained assistance with research from the likes of Harvard Professor Alvin Poussiant, renowned Professor John Irwin, and many many others. Proceeds from the book have allowed for Ivan to establish, through an acting power of attorney, the United Black Family Scholarship Foundation. The organization checks out and is registered with the Oklahoma Secretary of State. And the level of professionalism, not to mention the high degree of organization, is exuberant and amazes many at how such an organization was established under such circumstances.  Without question it was no easy feat. Checkout this listing of administrators:

1. Mr. Ivan Kilgore,Founder;
2. CEO (currently under review)
3. Mr. Daryl Busby, Treasurer;
4. Secretary (currently under review)
5. (Currently under review) Marketing Director;
6. (Currently under review) Network Distribution Manager;
7. (Currently under review)Director of Grant Writing Projects;
8. Mr. Lavel Harris (aka Comedian Velly Vel), Director of Fund Raiser/Business Projects;
9. (Currently under review)Director of Education;
10. (Currently under review) Director of Film Production.

The mission statement of the UBF is clear and authentic given the fact that Ivan has spent the past 19 years incarcerated in one the nation’s most violent prisons. Notably, Ivan advocates through the organization the fact that every aspect of improving community life depends upon a strong community fabric. This entails for all the pieces of building a prosperous community to be in place: family, investment, committed neighborhoods, public safety, schools, etc. He points to the fact that the social and economic investment decisions made by previous generations (or the ones they fail to make today) greatly impact the world in which we live. Missing even one element jeopardizes the entire development process. Consequently, the absence of any one of the foregoing variables leads to breakdown in a community’s social structure.

We can only hope for more positive outcomes within the nation’s prison system. Undoubtedly, prisoner’s embracing positive change and lifestyles is a breath of fresh air and by no means the result of a supportive prison regime.

For more on Ivan or the UBFSF checkout the following links:

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Friend Ivan on You can contact him directly at:
Follow him on Tweeter@Domestic Genocid


Buy your copy of  Domestic Genocide: The Institutionalization of Society today! Here’s the link to obtain the paperback book:

And this the link to obtain the Kindle ebook:

For those interested in joining THE UNITED BLACK FAMILY SCHOLARSHIP FOUNDATION friend them on FaceBook. Email:


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