United Black Family Scholarship Foundation

United Black Family Scholarship Foundation (UBF) is a volunteer and student staffed 501(c)(3) nonprofit operating out of Oklahoma and California. Founded by author, activist, and prisoner Ivan Kilgore, who is currently serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole. The UBF came to life from behind the bars of a California prison cell in 2014. With a mission statement of “rebuilding the community from within the community;” UBF’s R.E.B.U.I.L.D program, a community reinvestment program, aims to uproot the structures that maintain poverty and racism by beginning with the most fundamental human need, an affordable  home.

UBF provides alternative paths to youth and their families in communities plagued with high incarceration rates by developing, equipping, connecting, and utilizing human and social capital through the restoration process of rebuilding homes in the community. We aim to provide community members the opportunity and resources to skill build, while developing economic stability, to avoid the harsh grasp of the prison pipeline ever present in underserved communities of color. UBF shall acquire grant and donor funding to refurbish commercial and residential housing projects spearheaded by local business owners, grass-root organizations, and local schools and universities that operate within the community. UBF’s pilot program will acquire both donated and purchased properties which will be refurbished with the help of community volunteers and paid professionals. UBF will then transfer these properties back to members of the community as affordable housing, community centers, and commercial properties that benefit the community. 

Furthermore, UBF aims to provide various social justice programs fitting to the needs of the specific community we are working in. This will be done by assessing the communities needs via assessment surveys, analyzing the data, and then developing programs addressing the specific needs the data has reflected. UBF will assess the community in 5 year increments to measure the success of our program. Our programs success will be measured by an increase in home ownership, provision of more affordable housing, increased employment/entrepreneurship, increased support and connection among community members, and increased social advocacy.

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