Current Projects

We are excited to announce we’re getting underway our “100 Prisoner Book Publishing Literacy Program.” This program aims to provide an internship opportunity to undergraduate and graduate students to learn about the publishing industry through hands on experience in editing and marketing books written by incarcerated authors. With this internship we aim to provide a professional development program that will provide the students with a well rounded understanding of what working in the publishing industry would be like as well as insight into the experiences of the incarcerated and the current social justice movements.


Even more, this internship, in part, is an extension of our organization’s 100 Prisoner Book Publishing Literacy Program, which aims to publish 100 books written by prisoners to create a platform for their untold stories so as to discover real solutions to the problems before our communities.

In terms of writing and what it does for those who are incarcerated, it allows constructive expression of feelings of being trapped, voiceless, and misunderstood. Most do not have a voice. They cannot speak the words they truly wish to say. Writing, therefore, becomes a total release.

Through both our publishing and internship program we hope to help share the powerful stories of those incarcerated as well as provide students and the incarcerated the opportunity to give back to their communities while developing their skill sets.

trapped, voiceless, and misunderstood. Most do not have a voice. They cannot speak the words they truly wish to say.

Notably, we intend to publish books that focus on the social, political and economic conditions in underserved communities. Here, we are giving special attention to those book projects that encourage societal change bridging the racial gap between all people and promote the need and solutions to address the plight faced by those in underserved communities.

Lastly, these books will be invaluable to the development of our other programs. For example, they will greatly assist with providing insight and experience for our juvenile mentoring program. Even more, they will assist to rewrite the narrative by giving a voice to the voiceless and changing how incarcerated people are seen in our society.

That said, the more money raised, the more books we will be able to publish. Any and all donations are appreciated immensely!