As I come from the rez with blurry eyes,
Fuck the F.B.I., a.k.a. Indian genocide.
Giving us thousands of blankets by the box,
what we didn’t know they were infested with smallpox.
Just because our skin is red,
That’s not to talk about the poisoned rations that they fed,
or the uranium in our water.
Never getting the chance to have a son or daughter,
because your baby is born diagnosed with cancer,
illegal sesections, tying your tubes is the answer.
A government plot to bury us in the dirt,
but why? We are the only ones who give thanx to Mother Earth.
Do you understand what I’m saying?
They murdered three-quarters of our entire population,
what makes you think that they’re playing?
Anna Maye Aquash over exposure was the reason she was presumed dead,
but you didn’t know the F.B.I. planted a bullet in her head.
And does the name Leonard Petier ring a bell?
The brother in Leavenworth sitting in a one man cell.
You can lock us up and throw away the key,
but you’re blind to see our spirit will always be free.
By any means necessary is what we have to do,
F.B.I. beware I’m on the war path and I’m coming for you…
You’ll Never Win!  

Dog Soldiers arise their sticks in the ground,
I see a Spotted Eagle flying all around.
You came to our land without invitation,
now your scalps are on my coup stick without hesitation.
You started this game but its not the same.
You wanted our land for fortune and fame.
A modern day cavalry like Custer’s before you,
Killing our women and children you’ll soon die too.
Trying everything under the sun,
from biological warfare to the most sophisticated guns.
All because of your White man’s greed you didn’t take heed,
Now you’ll be wiped out, even your seed.
You’re staked to the ground on an ant hill,
Memories flashing before your eyes of your last will.
But its to late, this is your fate,
You’re dying a victim of your own hate.
500 years of your generations in sin,
you should know by now that YOU’LL NEVER WIN.
By any means necessary is what we have to do,
F.B.I. beware the tribes are on the war path
And they’re coming for you….
You’ll Never Win!  

Geronimo, Red Cloud, Dull Knife too,
gave up their lives just for you.
So what you gonna do?
A shield on your arm, a lance in your hand,
Stick in the ground, be a dog soldier Man.
Defend Mother Earth and the heart of our People,
for the power of Wakan Tanka there is no equal.
Now the voices of a thousand warriors from the past,
call on all our men to do a war dance.
Your feet are in rhythm and your fist is in the air,
your breast-plate is on, war paint you will wear.
In the heart of the battle bullets won’t hurt,
cause all of our warriors will be wearing their Ghos and shirts.
Black Elk and Sweet Medicine spoke of this battle before,
Of how we would win and a whole lot more.
Wovokas dreams and prophecies do come true,
And this one was made from the Creator to you.
I’ll say it again and again,
We’ll never give up and YOU’LL NEVER WILL.
By any means necessary is what we have to do,
F.B.I. beware the Nations are on the war path
And they’re coming for you….   

YOU’LL EVER WIN, -Four Bears, Yakama Nation

Ivan Kilgore is the author of Domestic Genocide: The Institutionalization of Society. Friend him at Facebook/Ivan Kilgore.com. You can contact him directly at:

California State Prison Sacramento,
Ivan Kilgore, No. V31306, FB2-118,
P.O. Box 290066,
Represa, Ca 95671.
Email: domesticgenocide@hotmail.com.

Click on the link below and hear some truth talkin’. http://m.ustream.tv/recorded/42784923?rmalang=en_US

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