With the assistance of friends and family in 2014 I was able to incorporate  the United  Black  Family  Scholarship Foundation–a not-for-profit  organization  dedicated to rebuilding disadvantaged communities from within the community. As many of you know this has not been an easy task by far; especially considering the fact that I have accomplished this from prison. YES! I’ve been locked up for the past 15 years in a maximum security prison in Northern California. During which, not a day has passed that I  haven’t had a book in my hand studying the social, economic and political dysfunction within these communities ; your communities; my community and myself included.

The social, economical and political dysfunction we witness here, I’ve learned, is the product of disorganization on so many levels  from how we interact or don’t interact as family to how we make and spend our money.

That said, I can only hope we have your attention and support? Currently, the UBFSF has three programs we are working to get up and running: (1) the Community Reinvestment Program (2) The Volunteer Sign-up Program and (3) our Scholarship Program. These programs, we believe,  are vital to developing the necessary resources to tackle the dysfunction. To learn more about them visit our website at the link below. Be sure to make a contribution. Donations of $50 or more will receive a free copy of my lastest book Domestic Genocide: The Institutionalization of Society (see excerpts at 

It’s with great humility that we ask with hopes to receive. Thank you.

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