UBF Productions

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Projected Launch Date: February 2021
Program Summary:

UBF Productions

Is a multimedia, Publishing/production subsidiary operating under the organization’s nonprofit charter to specifically collect and edit, publish and produce, promote, and disseminate and distribute to the public for educational purposes: essays, poetry, written articles, books, pamphlets, written songs, and sheet music, works visual art including, but not limited to, dramatic works, paintings, and hand-drawn images, which deal with, comment upon or expound some aspect of social, political, and/or economic condition with an underserved community.
In addition to the overall goals & objectives set forth for the organization, UBF productions aim to:

  • Implement an all-inclusive arts program (e. g., recording, visual and written) throughout underserved communities across the United States. This includes, but is not limited to, juvenile and adult correctional facilities;
  • Partner with existing organizations that offer arts programs in underserved communities;
  • Increase literacy in underserved communities with the implementation of the organization’s 100 Prisoner Book Publishing Literacy Program and “Writers Room Workshop“
  • Publish, produce, and merchandise the visual and descriptive works (e. g., music, images, writings, etc.) of people who reside or stem from underserved communities.

Lastly, our goal is to provide a variety of free and paid services to the general public which include, but are not limited to, incarcerated children, women, and men. Said services include: sound engineering, distribution services, marketing services, advertising, graphic and website design, film production, editing, typing formatting and proofreading documents and manuscripts, entertainment legal services, and other such services as required for the publication, production, merchandising, and sale and distribution of products.
For more information about productions, CONTACT US


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