Where is the “pro-active” response to young, white mass murderers? Are we going to detract from the issue of white youth mass murdering children by shifting the focus to gun laws and mental health programs? America seems to want to sweep under the rug the fact that people kill people and where gun possession is illegal (e.g., D.C. and Mexico), the ban on firearms will not prevent murder. We can look to the Middle East for further example. Suicide-bombers kill insensibly daily. Remember Timothy McVeigh? The real question here is: “WHAT IS AMERICA GOING TO DO WITH ITS TROUBLED WHITE YOUTH?” They are going-off like landmines! Their destructive force is unlike anything we have witnessed in Urban America; where the “pro-active” response to street gang and drug violence was two (2) full-scale wars—the War on Crime and the War on Drugs—aimed at hunting down and capturing menacingly evil, young Black and Latino males. America’s criminal justice system sought to contain and neutralize these predators with police bullets, lethal injection, and warehousing them by the millions in prisons across the nation. So why the hesitation to hunt down these white predators? Where is the “pro-active” response?

In recent years the nation has bare witness to a staggering epidemic of predominately young, white male mass murderers. Seemingly, they are a new type of predator, a new type of threat that epitomizes the Middle Eastern terrorist and suicide bomber. Yet the American media has been reluctant to call a spade a spade. Where is the “pro-active” response? If it were Black youth killing white children and other innocent peoples, the entire Black community would be vilified as a people. Right now our community would be subject to a more extreme form of Marshall Law. But since it is young, white males who are killing innocent white children and other white people, there is no talk in the media about how sadistic and savage many white people tend to be, and how they, themselves, must be checked to make America and the world safe. Where is the “pro-active” response?

These young, white males have repeatedly been responsible for the mass killings of innocent movie goers, church parishioners, mall shoppers, co-workers, family members, and, as of recent, the December 14, 2012, slaughter of twenty (20) innocent first-graders and six (6) teachers in Newtown, Connecticut. Where is the “pro-active” response?
While these young, white male mass murderers have been terrorizing the country, there has yet to be a national response by the nation’s criminal justice system. Where are all those tough-on-crime big mouth politicians and right-winger radio and media mongers like Rush Limbaug and Jean Cannedy? Why are they not screaming at the top of their lungs to contain this white threat to public safety? Where is the “pro-active” response?

The nation’s criminal justice system has so effectively demonstrated its ability to hunt and capture urban predators—so why the hesitation to hunt down these white predators? Where is the “pro-active” response? Seems all we have been hearing for the past decade or so is sensational news stories and politicians giving lip service to empty promises to tighten up on public safety. Yet the criminal justice system remains silent—No preemptive measures to entrap the potential white threat; No racial profiling white boys; No “Stop & Frisk” directives in white neighborhoods; No draconian meth laws: No massive prison or psyche ward construction projects to contain the potential white threat; No around the clock media dramatizations of dangerous white predators armed to the teeth threatening to run-up in the next school; No paramilitary units moving in and out of white communities to hunt, capture and neutralize these dangerous white predators—period! Where is the “pro-active” response? These were the “pro-active” policing measures that have been taken to assure public safety against Black and Latino predators. So why have they not been implemented against white predators?

Right now the American people should be in utter disgust and outraged at their elected officials lack of response. These are the politicians and other proponents of the criminal justice system that Americans have so entrusted to protect them and their children against terrorism. Notably, for the past three or four decades these officials have created and capitalized on the so-called urban “threat,” yet are now seemingly looking for a way to give these young, white mass murderers a pass. Note the different approach to managing urban violence opposed to that which has been suggested to manage the potential white threat.

At the forefront of the public debate for creating a policy to manage the violence of America’s troubled white youth, what we are hearing from the media, law enforcement, and the medical community is not the suppressive authoritarian approach as noted previously to manage urban violence, rather the empathetical approach—that is, that these young, white mass murderers are “suffering,” yeah suffering!, from mental illness; that they need mental health treatment; that they are psychopaths, crazy.
This approach obviously begs of the Black and Latino community to ask the important question: “Why wasn’t this mental health approach at the forefront of suggestions to alleviate the violence in their communities? I’ll tell you why! This whole treatment thing is smoke-screen. For behavioral scientists generally agree that there is no known cure for the psychopath. In fact, it is a widely held belief that the only successful treatment for the psychopath is incarceration, radical psycho-surgery, and death. Here, it seems that the issue of race is undermining public safety.
Further, the psychopath has been described as “an individual who is constantly in conflict with other persons or groups. He is unable to experience guilt, is completely selfish and callous, and has a total disregard for the rights of others.” To this end, the late Dr. Bobby Wright suggested, “Europeans (Whites) are psychopaths and their behavior reflects an underlying biologically transmitted proclivity with roots deep in their evolutionary history.” The racist and segregationist history of white America attests to the factual basis of his claim. So how does all this tie into the recent epidemic of predominately white male mass murder?

Traditionally, white America has been accustomed to experiencing, benefiting from, and publicly displaying their supremacist ego-defensive complex without reproach in American society. However, in a supposedly post-racial America, this has been suppressed drastically and consequently many a white youth now struggle for identity and recognition—that is, who they are as a people, what purpose they serve, and what impact a post-racial society will have on their social and economic position in American society. These circumstances are unique to them. For they are possibly the first generation of white Americans who are not to benefit from white privilege. They actually have to fend for theirs for the first time on an equal playing field. This troubles them so. So much so, the Neo-Nazi gangs both in prison and on the bricks hold accountable white citizens—who embrace Dr. King’s message—for the social and economic loss of ground on the political plateau. In their distorted frame of mind, those white Americans who do not embrace their segregationist thinking and efforts to maintain white supremacy should be exterminated. As this suggests, the aggression that comes of suppressing their ego is now being directed at their own people.
This is only a glimpse into what has set these white mass murderers off. The question still remains: “Are they truly crazy or are they simply keeping with their history?” Remember Denise McNair, Carole Robertson, Cynthia Wesley, and Addie Mae Collins? They were the four precious little Black girls that the white world did not care enough about back in 1963 to check the young, white terrorists who bombed and killed them at the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama. The men who committed this horrendous act were not considered “terrorist” or “crazy” neither then nor now by racist white America. Nor is it crazy today to slaughter 100,000 Iraqi women and children. And what about Trayvon Martin? His murder and that of innocent Iraqis is what Americans are being misled to believe is patriotic. But when the violence lands in their back yard—all of a sudden it’s “crazy,” “sadistic,” and “criminal” activity. As would have been the case if Trayvon killed Zimmerman.
What is crazy and sadistic is this “Culture of Violence” America ascribes to and attempts to manipulate with labels and circumstances which sanction the killing of human beings—be it imposing a death penalty for a crime or excusing the murderous behavior of the neighborhood watchman. But when a young Black or Latino male goes a foul the script and takes it upon himself to define what justifies his own personal agenda to kill—all of a sudden he’s “crazy,” “sadistic,” and a “criminal.”

It is this sort of reasoning and manipulating of labels that gives people like Adam Lanza the inclination to think it is acceptable to kill. For both he and the rest of the world have witnessed what little regard this nation has for children of other countries who are labeled collateral damage; for the children of this very nation who are being murdered by police and neighborhood watch bullets; for the children who are lost to abortion, etc.

That said, what is America going to do with its troubled white youth? If public safety is objective #1, then the “pro-active” response demonstrated to contain and neutralize urban violence seems only an appropriate response to contain and neutralize white violence. After all, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. So wake up America, all that talk about how complicated and unpredictable the situation is to detect the potential white threat is smoke-screen. For the C.I.A. and F.B.I. have been conducting preemptive operations for decades to draw out suspected terrorist plots against American citizens. Where is the “pro-active” response?

—Ivan Kilgore
December 2012

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