The United Black Family Scholarship Foundation would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the contributions of all our benefactors. Especially, those of incarcerated author Ivan Kilgore, who has donated the proceeds of his recently published book–Domestic Genocide: The Institutionalization of Society–to the United Black Family Scholarship Foundation endowment.

His message is clear and authentic having spent the past 14 years in a supermax prison and observing the institutional structures that shape the framework of American society and other colonialized nations, which have been designed with the sole intent of organizing the social and economic life of people of color to the advantage of a predominantly white ruling class. In the case of many Black Americans and other people of color around the world, this often means that our communities and lives will be exploited to the fullest if not destroyed.

In his highly critical analysis of these institutions, Ivan explains unlike any scholar the various cultural and institutional forces that have operated to preserve this agenda. Here, the backdrop of this thesis centers around his 40 years of a short life and experiences in the streets of American ghettos,college hallways, and prison dwellings where the day-to-day struggle to rise above the mire of poverty, injustice, racism, miseducation, and violence in American society have taken him on a journey that, prior to his 26th birthday, had placed him before two separate juries for capital murder; sent him across the continental United States and into the bowels of Mexico to traffic illicit drugs and other forms of destruction prior to a life commitment to the California Department of Corrections.

Domestic Genocide, considerably covers a wide range of issues that affect the quality of life we attain in our respective environments. Again, the subject matter is broad and focuses on the various institutional structures that impact our daily lives. The overall basic theme affirms a lack of social and political cohesion within our communities and the institutional framework that impinges upon our ability to organize socially and economically in a more constructive fashion.

Ivan advocates the fact that every aspect of improving community life depends upon a strong community fabric. This entails for all the pieces of building a prosperous community to be in place: family, investment, committed neighborhoods, public safety, schools, etc. Notably, the social and economic investment decisions made by previous generations (or the ones we fail to make today) greatly impact the world in which we live. Missing even one piece, for example ethnocentric education, jeopardizes the entire development process. Consequently, the absence of any one of the foregoing variables leads to breakdown in our social structure.

Over 4,500 people have tuned in to hear Ivan discussing what inspired him to write Domestic Genocide. Click on the links below and hear some truth talkin’. http://m.ustream.tv/recorded/42784923?rmalang=en_US


Read excerpts to this highly controversial book at: http://www.willisraised.wordpress.com.

Checkout this YouTube commercial for Ivan’s book:
Domestic Genocide The Institutionalization of Soc…: http://youtu.be/Cu4Eip0vpQk

Coming soon the audio book compilation of Domestic Genocide featuring artists from around the world. Checkout this track written from chapter 6 “The Terrible Beauty of Hip Hop,” featuring Ivan, Mike B and Big Chief outta Florida: http://soundcloud.com/da_biggest_chief/the-terrible-beauty-of-hip-hop

Friend Ivan on Facebook.com. You can contact him directly at: California State Prison Sacramento,
Ivan Kilgore,
No. V31306,
P.O. Box 290066,
Represa, Ca 95671.
Email: domesticgenocide@hotmail.com.
Follow him on Tweeter@Domestic Genocid



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Buy your copy of Domestic Genocide: The Institutionalization of Society today! Here’s the link to obtain the paperback book: http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/1494485729?pc_redir=1395636744&robot_redir=1

And this the link to obtain the Kindle ebook: http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00HNSLUAG?pc_redir=1395842904&robot_redir=1

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