“The loin,” explains Dr. Na’im Akbar, “that will jump through a fiery hoop because on the other side you have a big fat steak for him, is a trained loin, not an educated loin.” He goes on to explain: “… education is a process by which you are actively capable of manifesting what you are. When you increasingly manifest what somebody else wants you to be–which may or may not be critical to your survival as a life form–you are trained.” In the case of the trained lion, it is no longer king of the jungle. It has been domesticated (i.e., trained as a circus pet). Thereby, it has lost its ability to take to the jungle and hunt to fulfill its rightful place in nature.

That said, we must ask ourselves as Black people: Who have we become–the circus pet tamed by the American  educational system?  It seems the more we buy into it, the more the social and economic health of our community spirals and causes our collective and progressive aspirations to vanish. And that’s not to mention how it has impacted our collective cohesion, which has weakened the structural character of our personal life since the 1960’s. No longer do we share in the conscious reality of centuries of segregation. No longer do we acknowledge our plight, our struggle as a collective to support one another as a village, tribe, or race.

Instead, we post on Facebook and other social media our problems, as if their causes are unknown, while failing to take an active roll in the solution. As a people this must cease immediately and we must begin to hold ourselves accountable by taking action.

In an effort to bring about this change we have established the United Black Family Scholarship Foundation (UBF, hereafter).

This foundation has been registered with the Secretary of State for the State of Oklahoma and is a nonprofit organization dedicated to organizing and empowering Black social and economic life here in America. Our objective is to extend our  programs to the pan-African community and other poor communities color.

Naturally, the focal point of the UBF will be to rewrite the Black playbook and change the educational directive of our HBCs and urban schools so that they develop the necessary strategy to build and improve on our community’s social and economic needs.

None of this, of course, will be possible without the assistance of the community itself. We are in need of volunteers and donations. For those interested in joining this organization friend us at–THE UNITED BLACK FAMILY FOUNDATION. And please make a financial contribution at the link below. No amount is too small–be it $5 or $500 or more. Your assistance will go along way to assist the UBF to achieve its objective. Sincerely humbled and grateful….


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