I believe that the primary reason that the Black diaspora continues is because we have bought into the hype that the European institutions favoring us. NOT! Here, we fail to understand what the late Dr. Bobby Wright put in context where writing on the subject of European education:

One of the most tragic beliefs widely shared by Blacks throughout the world is that White-controlled educational institutions-regardless of whether they are elementary schools or universities-will educate our children. Faith continues to prevail in spite of overwhelming evidence, which disputes this belief. Blacks continue to ignore the irrefutable truth that, in a racist social system, all institutions will reflect, protect, and sustain values that are consistent with racism. This should not be considered surprising or profound since all institutions serve to perpetuate the social theory of the group, which created them. Therefore, in any social system established by whites, the institutions will reflect racism.  

Likewise, white-established institutions in “Black-controlled” countries [and communities] will continue to protect the welfare of whites’ interests regardless of their political ideology….

I believe the American system of education, which feeds the school-2-prison pipeline–that is, it’s criminal justice system,exemplifies this without question or challenge.  Today, there are more Black men in prison or in jail, and on probation or parole than were enslaved in 1850. Where we once were denied full citizenship due to our skin color, today it’s because we have been criminalized.  Once charged with a crime there’s a ninety-eight percent chance you’re going to be branded as a felon whereabouts all the discrimination formerly outlawed now becomes again legal and enacted with impunity.  Here, we find ourselves standing before a judge who treats our constitutional rights with all the power and relevance of toilet paper.

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