Within prison walls men are held in total isolation. Across the nation there are literally thousands of such prisoners who are kept for years, if not decades, in administrative segregation and Security Housing Units (SHU) and other special isolation units designed to tightly regulate, monitor, and drastically limit, if not eliminate, any physical contact or communication with other people-be they staff, other prisoners, members of family, etc. As this suggests, these isolation units were created with the specific purpose of breaking people-their hearts, mind, and spirit. That the fact exists the administration of prison operates on the premise of sanctioning the use of such physical and mental violence to enforce the law, seemingly contradicts civility. For isolation is a favored weapon of psychological terrorists.  

Of the many reasons that may be cause for such isolation, the one that has been highly controversial over the years, is the isolating of those prisoners who possess leadership qualities and have mistakenly demonstrated their ability to effectively organize the prisoner population to act against the oppressive prison regime. These are those prisoners who scream on and threaten most this tyrannical arrangement. They are the militant, rebellious, but more importantly-the “HIGH FUNCTIONING.” Unlike the majority of prisoners, they are often reputable gang members or affiliated with criminal, political, and legal organizations, voter leagues, have press and media connections, and, as to be expected, they are well versed in their speaking, writing, and intellectual abilities (ranging from psychology to law).

Excerpt from chapter 8  “The Zo.” Check it out! Over 4,500 people have tuned in to hear this interview of incarcerated author Ivan Kilgore discussing what inspired him to write his recently published book Domestic Genocide: The Institutionalization of Society. BUY THE BOOK TODAY ON AMAZON.COM! Click on the links below and hear some truth talkin’.

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