… the Civil Rights and Black Power movements effectively channeled the aggressive psychological energy pent up in the Black community into a well organized political force that posed a formidable challenge to the existing institution of racism (i.e., the existing order set in place by capitalist). Consequently, this would make the ghetto youth of today subjects of State repression for reasons best described by Christian Parenti’s characterization of “social dynamite”:  

The other segment of surplus population-“social dynamite”-are those who pose an actual or potential challenge. They are that population which threatens to explode; the impoverished low-wage working class and unemployed youth who have fallen below the statistical radar, but whose spirits are not broken and whose expectations for a decent life and social inclusion are dangerously alive and well. They are the class that suffers from “relative deprivation.” Their poverty is made all the more unjust because it is experienced in contrast to the spectacle of opulence and the myths of social mobility and opportunity. This is the class from which the Black Panthers and Young Lords arose in the sixties and from which sprang the gangs of the 1980s….  

…[S]ocial dynamite is a treat to the class and racial hierarchies upon which the private enterprise system depends. This group cannot simply be swept aside. Controlling them requires both a defensive policy of containment and an aggressive policy of direct attack and active destabilization. They are contained and crushed, confined to the ghetto, demoralized and pilloried in warehouse public schools, demonized by a lurid media, sent to prison, and at times dispatched by lethal injection or police bullets. This is the class-or more accurately the caste, because they are increasingly people of color-which must be constantly undermined, divided, intimidated, attacked, discredited, and ultimately kept in check with what Fanon called the “language of naked force.”     

In the years since 1965 we have witnessed the unveiling of one dirty political ploy after another aimed at achieving what Parenti has put to us. We have witnessed on all fronts from the impact of globalization (i.e., the loss of manufacturing jobs in Black America) to the social-political manipulations of the Contra scandal that demoralized ghetto youth and led to a pretentious “War on Drugs” built on media dramatizations of crack babies and mendacious comparisons between street gangs and the Italian Mafia. To the watchful eyes of the world these machinations would effectively cast upon those confined in the ghetto an image as menacingly evil and thus the ghetto came to symbolize “a bivouac from which urban predators terrorized the city.” Needless to say, such maneuvering had the desired effect of exacerbating both public fear and the call for the hunt and capture of young Black males….

Excerpt from Ivan Kilgore’s book Domestic Genocide: The Institutionalization of Society. Friend him at Facebook/Ivan Kilgore.com. You can contact him directly at:

California State Prison Sacramento,
Ivan Kilgore, No. V31306, FB2-118,
P.O. Box 290066,
Represa, Ca 95671.
Email: domesticgenocide@hotmail.com.

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