Growing up in the South, like Jena 6, in school and in prison it’s no different. We have our shade trees and they have theirs. Black rarely mixes with white and vice versa. As for the closet racist that oversaw my formal education, the objective remained the same: Program servitude into the Black masses. And integration would make their job that much easier. For now they had gained complete control over what I was or was not to learn.  

With each stage of integration I came to observe how the Black community had become increasingly accustomed to being spoon-fed by white supremacists. The education they provided us, for example, would erase our cultural values, independence, and inconspicuously persuaded us to give up our interpretations of events pertaining to history, government, and the social, political, and economic construction of our community. They discouraged us from learning the true history of America. And spoon-fed us the Tarzan stories of an uncivilized Africa. As a consequence we became accessories to, dependant upon, and controlled by a people who have never had our well being at heart; other than to enslave and oppress.

bell hooks has provided in her “Killing Rage: Ending Racism:

Segregation enabled black folks to maintain oppositional worldviews and standpoints to counter the effects of racism and to nurture resistance. The effectiveness of those survival strategies was made evident by both civil rights movement and the militant resistance that followed in their wake. This resistance to colonialism was so fierce, a new strategy was required to maintain and perpetuate white supremacy. Racial integration was that strategy. It was the setting for the emergence of neo-colonial white supremacy.

Placed in positions of authority in educational structures and on the job, white people could oversee and eradicate organize resistance. The new neo-colonial environment gave white folks even greater access and control over the African American mind. Integrated educational structures were the locations where whites could best colonize the minds and imaginations of black folks…

The spirit of resistance that remained strong from slavery to the militant 1960s was displaced when whites made it seem as though they were truly ready to grant black folks social equality, that there were enough resources to go around, that the imperialist wealth of this country could be equally shared. These assumptions were easy to believe given success of sixties black militant struggle. By the time the bubble burst, collectively black folks had let our guard down and a more insidious colonialization of our minds begin to take place. While Eurocentric biases taught to blacks in the educational system were meant to socialize us to believe in are inherent inferiority, it was ultimately the longing to have access to material rewards granted whites (the luxury and comfort of represented in advertising and television) that was the greatest seduction. Aping whites, assimilating their values (that is, white supremacist attitudes and assumptions) was clearly the way to achieve material success. And white supremacist values were projected into our living rooms, into the most intimate spaces of our lives by mass media. Gone was any separate space apart from whites where organized military resistance could emerge….

Excerpt from Ivan Kilgore’s book Domestic Genocide: The Institutionalization of Society. Friend him at Facebook/Ivan You can contact him directly at:

California State Prison Sacramento,
Ivan Kilgore, No. V31306, FB2-118,
P.O. Box 290066,
Represa, Ca 95671.

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