As alienation proceeds and we are further removed from the breast of moral nourishment, forsaken are we the most significant function of positive group reinforcement that provides structure and freedom to one’s psychological aggressions. Couple this need to vent with the wretched affects of poverty, and you have a formula for a hypnotic esteem transfixed to mislabel the deathstyle for a lifestyle hell-bent to self-destruct. Another vice indeed, it’s composed by the notion that the world evolves around this expression contracted to embrace fratricide as a vessel to fulfill shallow souls. Whence, each will encourage another’s man of steel complexional abilities to become ruffians in the extreme.

Fueled by praise, loyalties to fratricide raise. With pretentious swagger and a sag heaved by the rod sized to fill insecurity, we perceive ourselves invincible in our self-initiations into manhood dictated by the uncognizable act of gunplay. Senselessly representing values without appraise, our souls are transfigured into unrighteous material: BLOCKS, GLOCKS and TRAP-SPOTS. Whereas we become defenseless ignorant prey for the capitalist hunter and his toy soldier who regale in our ego’s graveyard jungle scene of misguided tribal conflict. “It’s all I’ve got…” the manipulated pledge fosters in mislabeling his coerced nightmare while continuing to sleepwalk in the blind dignity of indentured servitude which allows certification and trill claims, despite the vice-ridden seed of faultiness, to the ‘hood. As the resulting carnage ensues to inflame genocide, ever is it kindled by his shallow soul seeking to get active in the hopelessness of gang bangin’. -Ivan Kilgore

Excerpt from Ivan Kilgore’s book Domestic Genocide: The Institutionalization of Society. Friend him at Facebook/Ivan You can contact him directly at:

California State Prison Sacramento,
Ivan Kilgore, No. V31306, FB2-118,
P.O. Box 290066,
Represa, Ca 95671.

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