Here’s a frame from my next project which is a graphic novel and animation film called “KING’S ALLEY.” From the streets to Wall Street, Kings Alley is a graphic novel and animation film portraying  a group of small town drug dealers elevating the hustle. From hood to hood they take the game on the road. This puts them in contact with resources and influential people who inspire them to think outside the box, elevate their hustle and apply the lessons of the dope game to a legitimate hustle. The story is filled with all the usual twists and turns of life in the streets. However, there’s a success story in the ending. If you or someone you know is a graphic artist and is into animation film run this by them and see if they would like to partake in this project.

Ivan Kilgore is the now published author of Domestic Genocide: The Institutionalization of Society. Friend him at Facebook/Ivan You can contact him directly at:
Email: the United Black Family Scholarship foundation. Get your copy Today!

Here’s the link to obtain the paperback book:


And this the link to obtain the ebook:

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