They say if you don’t stand for something,
you’ll fall for anything…
By any means Malcolm stood in front of the windows of injustice
Before Agustus became Caesar
Even before Jesus collected his disciples
has been governed by the laws of the land
the 1st rule of nature is self-preservation
You know why the natives were restless?
Because they went from “our land” to casinos and reservations

Education taught me to praise the conquerors and pity the weak
will eviscerate you and watch you bleed
as your life force-feeds the seeds
of the next generation’s deeds of greed  

Because only the strong prevail
and dead men tell no tales
How can I convince you that you are sick if you don’t believe in the ails
You see… I can kill for country,
But if I kill for self… it’s L’s
Because I murdered my dreams, killed my hopes?
Nah, because I had the audacity to kill for self-capacity
and tragedy blooms like winter moons from a cold heart.  

There’s an art to warfare
If you kill one-then you are just one of the many
But if you kill many-then you can be the one
It just depends on how you spin
And if you win… then

And to the victor goes the spoils
Whether it’s gold, soil or oil
or the commodity of you and me  

You know the difference between the Christians & Mayans?
One stood behind belief
The other stood behind the iron
United we stand
You provided the land
And they made it disappear with the slightest of hand!  

Walla, … Jai, Buddha, Allah
Lord knows that even the perfect rose has its thorns
And a bull with no horns is…
food for thought
So think If you’re skin color is less than pink
And the ink has yet to dry on the walls
At least you stood for something, even if you died for the cause  

A cowboy once said,
“Get busy livin’, or Get busy dyin'”
We all got to go,
whether you go as meek as a sheep
or with a roar of a lion…
It’s a jungle out there isn’t it?
Yeah, it’s called survival of the fittest

  SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST -Jimmy McMillan (a.k.a., “Nati”)

SPOKEN WORD POERTY from incarcerated author Ivan Kilgore’s recently published book Domestic Genocide: The Institutionalization of Society. READ more excerpts at Friend Ivan at Facebook. Contact at:
Ivan Kilgore V31306
P.O. BOX 290066
REPRESA, CA 95671.
Tweeter@domestic Genocid

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