Cell blocks flourish,
And the dwellers of them stagnate.
And despite three meals a day,
There’s no food on the plate.
The blueprint reveals,
Social ills,
That are designed to kill
And casually
Prisoners of this war.
Feast on generic food for thought,
And each other.
Searching for redemption?
No time for time-outs,
To examine the famine.
The TV is on too long;
Blasting minstrel music;
Quarrelling and gambling.
Keep yourself entertained,
While the system is planning
And as you ponder this Prison beds are expanding
Instead of consciousness.
But if you look closer and see,
The science in the script,
You’ll see one electrical fence
With prisoners on both sides of it.
Society is on lockdown
And they don’t even know it.
Out of necessity
Prisoners become poets.

                 SNEAK PREVIEWS,               -Heru Tehuti Ra EnKami                                (a.k.a. “R.L. Glass)

Poetry from incarcerated author Ivan Kilgore’s recently published book Domestic Genocide: The Institutionalization of Society. READ more excerpts at Friend Ivan at Facebook. Contact at:
Ivan Kilgore V31306
P.O. BOX 290066
REPRESA, CA 95671.
Tweeter@domestic Genocid

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