I magine for just a moment that you spent your entire life confined to a room the size of a cargo container found at a shipping port. Inside it is colorless and without window or decoration. At the center of the ceiling there’s a light bulb that provides your only light. Yet, you have no control of when it comes on or goes off. In this room you also have your basic fixtures: sink, toilet, shower, etc. Though, you have been denied insight on the proper use of them, which has left them virtually unused. Like an untrained dog, you’ve defecated where you pleased. However, the foul odor goes undetected because you have become accustomed to the smell.  

Mysteriously, like the light going on-and-off, you awake one morning to the sounds of voices coming from a rectangular object mounted on one of the walls. How it got there is not important. What is, is the moment you recognize the images on the screen are reflections of you. Fascinated, this becomes your window of enlightenment. Thereafter, you begin to imitate these images to the best of your ability. Displayed before your deprived conscious is an arrangement of programming. You have been provided a HOW TO SELF-DESTRUCT GUIDE. The program has been well informing yet has failed to provide you with the necessary information to prevent the disaster you are being set up for. You’ve been programmed with the “Rules of the GAME” (environment).  

As the days pass your eyes have remained glued to the theatrics ceremoniously displayed on the screen. You’ve absorbed a mixture of programming ranging from a 101 on gun-play (how to destroy your community and maintain chaos) to drugs (how to use manufacture, distribute and traffic). This instruction has set aflame the passions of hate and anger within you. They seem to be manipulated by people of your own complexion, who steal from you, assault you and feed you poison causing both mental and physical anguish. Paranoia proliferates in your mind as an image is constantly played in intervals of your naked body stretched out on the county coroner’s stainless steel examination table. Death is vivid and eternal life has been forsaken due to the atheist projections of society’s behavior.    

The program has taught you of creation. A mother who has spoon-fed you cocaine before birth and denied maternal care. A father, who’s M.I.A and thus forsaken you respect for authority. The lack of maternal and paternal care has created within you an emotional void.  

Sitting in this room, your mind begins to wonder where these images hail from. Curiosity has urged you to get active. The day finally arrives that the opportunity presents itself for you to get in the Game. A door opens leading to a game-board existence-the GHETTO. Here, a force you are unlikely to ever checkmate will manipulate your moves. As you approach the door, the invisible hand of capitalism mysteriously places in your right hand a 357-magnum revolver; in your left, a bundle of poison. Then, with a hint of sarcasm it whispers: “Survive best you can.”  

At this point curiosity has drawn you to the threshold of a new reality. A reality that becomes vivid as you look down to see the 357 that your programming has taught symbolizes a six-member chamber of police officers, judges, a jury, and an attorney to facilitate arbitration and survival. The bundle, you’ve been taught, symbolizes nourishment for the pains of poverty you are to experience once beyond the doorway. How you choose to use them I will leave to the reader to decide. Either you are going to rob, steal and kill to numb the pain or you are going to get money and protect yourself from the hyenas and rats sure to come.  

The foregoing narrative is not simply a figment of the imagination. It is the subject matter of Product of the Ghetto, which tells of the social and economic manipulation that transforms humanity into the androids that we become. Tapered from my life experiences and studies of the ghetto’s infrastructure, this chapter seeks to explore the question of just how it is the poor, the Black and the oppressed have become the glove puppets of capitalism.

Chapter 1 excerpt from incarcerated author Ivan Kilgore’s recently published book Domestic Genocide: The Institutionalization of Society. READ more excerpts at Friend Ivan at Facebook. Contact him at:
Ivan Kilgore V31306
P.O. BOX 290066
REPRESA, CA 95671.
Tweeter@domestic Genocid

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