Where conventional society believes the refusal to cooperate with authorities is the cause for a high level of crime and violence in the ghetto, it is simply misleading. It is an allusion! Too assume that the criminal justice system provides a solution to crime ignores the fact  that informal social controls are destroyed by the coercive mobility model. To this end Jane Jacobs would note:

“the first thing to understand is that the public peace–the sidewalk peace and street peace–of cities is not kept primarily by the police, necessary as the police are. It is kept primarily by an intricate, almost unconscious, network of voluntary controls–that is, informal social controls (e.g., parenting, church, etc.) and standards among the people in the community themselves, and enforced by the people themselves. In some city areas, for example older public housing projects and streets with very high population turn over due to high incarceration rates (i.e., the coercive mobility theory), the keeping of the public sidewalk Law and Order is left almost entirely to the police and special guards–that is, the court system,which does not have any concern for the residents domestic tranquility. Such places are jungles. And no amount of police can enforce civilization where the normal, casual enforcement of informal social control has been purposefully destroyed and has broken down.”

Incarcerated author Ivan Kilgore has recently published a highly controversial book entitled Domestic Genocide:The Institutionalization of Society. BUY IT TODAY AT AMAZON.COM!


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